Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Here are two sites for advertising

The first place is called Yuwie, it is completely free. You come hang out, make friends, share business tips and get paid for it. Everything you do you get paid for from changing your profile to posting on your blog. It really is a great place. I was unsure about it at first, not sure why, but I recently joined and am very glad I did. Come check out Yuwie today, make friends, meet my friends and get paid.
You can even create a blog on your Yuwie profile.

I have recently started a wikizine for working at home. I invite friends to come and read my wikizine. While you are there I left it open to the public so you will be able to submit articles on it. This is great advertising! The rules of the article submission are simple, make sure it is legitimate and useful information. It must be about working at home and as Editor I do have the authority to delete articles that I feel unfit. And the best part is, when you submit an article you will have a link back to your blog.

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