Sunday, January 6, 2008

The best free work at home opportunities

I would like to do a quick recap of the best free work at home opportunties out there. I have received payment from all of them except Yuwie as I am still new to Yuwie. However I do know people who have received payment from them.

Yuwie-get paid to hang out and make friends, great way to advertise too
Project Payday-This one is great as they gaurantee you will make money within 24 hours
Dollar Pays-This one you make more with referrals however, they pay you everyday
Cash Lagoon-You get paid to complete offers
Cash Crate-I highly recommend this one. People are making a lot with this, especially with referrals.
Wealth Information Network-Get paid to watch online seminars
Sure Jobs-This one is a real job. It takes some work but you can really make a nice income matching employers with job seekers
My Power Mall-Get paid to shop!

These are the best free opportunities I found in 2007!
Hope you find them to benefit you too.
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