Thursday, April 10, 2008

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  1. I am a 50yr old working mom with 18yr old twin boys. One is autistic and can't be left home alone. I work pt now but my hrs have been cut down to 15/wk and I'm really concerned that I'll be out of work soon. I NEED to work from home. I don't need to get rich but just make enough to help pay the bills. How does this blogging thing work? I love to write and have been told that I write well. How can this earn money? Thnx

  2. Hello,
    Would you like to contact me through email? It may be a little easier to give you any answers you are looking for. I have many things that can help you. You may contact me through my profile (the email link is there.) I will answer all questions you have, I am always here for my readers.


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