Monday, September 29, 2008

I have a challenge for my readers, could you do this?

If you had to come up with $1500 in 24 hours would you be able to do it? I am not looking for spam here just looking for people to say yes and how or no but they wish they could. I do not want anybody posting a program that they heard will make them money and they are just trying to get referrals.

This came about because a good friend of mine asked me if I knew how they could come up with this money in a day. I decided to make this question a challenge for all my readers to see if you can do it.
One way is you can collect tips in a tip jar on a blog, which I have on the side bar of my blog. Some people have "bought me coffee" and it can be profitable if you have a great blog or even a decent blog with great information.

You will have to read my blog for some other ways to make money however most of the companies I have listed here are not $1500 in one day.

That was just one of my suggestions as I have other ways in my new Internet course and I would like to leave this post open for my readers suggestions. Yes you may refer to a post in your blog with a link back that is part of the fun.
Who is up for the challenge? Let the games begin!

My answer to can you make this money in 24 hours? I would say yes within 24-48 hours


  1. I've been talking to a business psychic Jeremiah Skyler at and he has really helped me streamline my home based business as a graphic designer and how to create passive income on the side. I don't know about coming up with over $1500 in one day, but I'm interested to read about it.

  2. No. I can not think of a way to come up with $1500 in 24 hours. If you have an idea, hell if you can help me come up with $500 that would be great. I just came across your page here, so I'll be checking you out.


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