Sunday, March 1, 2009

Make friends, business associates and advertise

Everybody needs to advertise their business if they want it to go anywhere right? Where would you be if you didn't advertise? I have a few advertising places I use as you all know, I have them posted here on my blog. One of the best ways of advertising though is in communities or forums. You can make friends, business associates and advertise all at once. That and you can learn from many like minded people as well. Many joint ventures come from meeting people online, which joint ventures can be very profitable. No matter what you are advertising you owe it to yourself to join at least one or two communities. It will greatly help you. Here are two of my favorites and yes you can join for free:

The first one is called AdLand Pro You will be able to advertise, meet people and learn alot. You will find this one to be a great help. It has live chat and much more.
My personal favorite is Direct Matches This one has wonderful features. You can meet many people, advertise with their classifieds, create networks for people to join, create press releases and much more. I have been getting a lot of traffic from Direct matches, it is wonderful and you can learn from a lot of people! With Direct Matches you have a couple choices. You can join for free with no pressure to upgrade or you can upgrade and take advantage of the income earning potential. I would start for free to see if you like first and there is absolutely no pressure from anyone ever to upgrade which is nice!! As a free member you can take advantage of the advertising and networking, check it out today.


  1. Great Info on forums and message boards. I will have to check out direct matches!

  2. Thanks for the information. I found your blog by googling. I will surely check out these sites


  3. This post was really interesting - thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I am glad to hear that people found this post useful :) Thank you


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