Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Work at Home Article is Available as Promised

My first article with work at home tips was published tonight on Associated Content. As promised I have a few more that I am writing there as well. The first one is about using blog comments to get traffic. You can view it here- How to Use Comments on Blogs to Gain Traffic. It is a useful article, there is a right way and wrong way to do this. There is no catch, it does not cost anything to read it and you do not need to enter any information. It is just an article that I wrote. You can follow me on my Associated Content profile to be notified when new articles are published or you can follow me on twitter to know when new articles are published if you would like.
Do you want to get paid to write articles? It is completely free and I have received payments from them.


  1. I know how you feel when it comes to people leaving comments on your blog. Some say they want to develop a relationship and then don't hear from them anymore.

    I recently wrote an article with AC as well. What kind of response have you gotten from your articles at AC?


  2. My biggest number of article views was for my holiday article about keeping your tree green. That will change now that Christmas is over though. What is your pen name on AC Jeffrey? I will check out your articles.

  3. I have written a few articles for AC too. They always paid me.

    In fact,this was several years ago and I'm still getting residual payments from them. It's a good place for freelance web writers to start.

  4. This is an excellent blog. I was in a bit confusion, when i thought of Working at home, then i decided cleverly with the help of the guide.


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