Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why no new work at home opportunities lately

I have recieved a few comments and several emails asking me where I have been lately. My last post was in December and I am sorry. Life has been a little busy lately and I have not really done much exploring on new work at home opportunities. I do not post opportunities with out checking them out first for my readers. I will have to start researching more work at home opportunities soon but until then I am sorry I do not have any new legitimate companies that I have not previously discussed. The main work at home company I have been still working with is Project Payday.
I did start a new hobby and a new blog about my new hobby though. I decided to grow some of my own vegies. It is actually very rewarding and I have been quite proud of my plants! My blog about my plants is My Deck Garden. It is a great hobby that I would recommend and my green pepper tasted better then any that I have ever bought at the store!
I am not gone forever just need to research before I can post more opportunities. I will see everybody soon.
Have a great day!
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