Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A great way to earn income, free to join

I came across another blog that was talking about a social website that pays you for activity. I was unsure at first as usually you have to commit a lot of time for the little amount that you get paid. However it was free to join and the other blogger assured us that it was a better paying site. Sure enough it looks to be a great site to earn extra money from. Now I just joined yesterday so I have not got a paycheck yet however it does look promising and I have heard of people getting paid out. It is almost like facebook only you get paid for your activity. Check it out today, it's free to join and does look promising! It is call Sidetick
It is not like Yuwie or mylot, not that they are bad sites but they just do not pay out well.
Check it out and we can earn together.