Friday, August 20, 2010

A great way to earn money and get referrals

I have found another great place for advertising, making new connections and earning an income. It is a social community where you make friends and share your income opportunities. It is called Swom. There are two levels with Swom, gold and free members. It is an excellent community and I decided to upgrade to gold after trying it for free. There is no obligation to upgrade, you can remain a free member.
Gold is very rewarding tho, you can earn a nice income. I just recently upgraded to pro but have done my research and found it is a legitimate company and many people have been paid. I highly recommend checking this out if you are serious about making money online. You can use Swom to get referrals for other opportunities you are involved in (free and gold members) and being a gold member you can get paid on your activity.

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  1. is great to .. really boosts the traffic to sites..


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