Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two great free opportunities

Here are a couple of great opportunities that are free to join. They are not new but I haven't really talked about them recently. They are legitimate and many of us have been paid by them. They are both great for extra income but you will not get rich off them.
CashCrate is one great legitimate way to make extra money. You will not get rich but you can easily earn extra money. They have a great referral program as well. They are free to join and you get paid for completing offers and filling in forms. You will also receive a percentage of earnings that your referrals earn.
Click here to check out CashCrate
Fusion Cash is another one that is free to join and you get paid to take complete offers and fill in forms. They too have a referral program. You will receive a $5 bonus just for signing up with Fusion Cash. You can choose a check, direct deposit or paypal as a way to be paid from Fusion Cash.

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  1. Fusioncash is a great site I have been working with them off and on since 11-10-2007 and I have made some nice cash! love the site!


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