Saturday, October 30, 2010

Get More Traffic, Twitter followers and Referrals

This is a site that is great. It is free to join, and has a lot of benefits. After joining you will get more twitter followers, swom referrals, website visits and so much more all completely free! I was recommended to the site by a good friend of mine so of course I checked it out. The first night I gained 40 followers on my twitter account! That was within about 30 minutes time. This really is a great site. I highly recommend it and it is free to join. Click here to check out Swombomb. See you there, I know you will be glad you joined!


  1. I've heard a lot about Swom but never heard of Swombomb before. I've seen posts from people on FB but it seems more like a site to get followers and follow others but not really helping anyone. I found other ways, without using Swom, to grow Twitter by over 100 people in just an hour. Since you first wrote this post, has Swombomb really helped your business?

  2. Hi Scented Candles, I love Swom. It really is nothing like twitter at all. I have met many new people and have helped many people. There are many members there and everybody has their own level of experience with online marketing. Some are looking for opportunities, some share advertising and some have wonderful opportunities. It really is a great community. Swombomb is free and includes Swom (helps you build Swom referrals), twiends (which helps you build twitter followers) and a few more opportunities that I don't really use but I know people who do.

  3. Hi Dawn, I added your blog's RSS feed to my twitter account so any of your posts will get tweeted from my account with a link:

    I hope that's OK with you..

    I'm busy improving the SwomBomb system these days,. stay tuned :)

  4. Hi Dan,

    Thank you :) Yeah that is ok with me. Hope you have a wonderful day!



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