Monday, October 11, 2010

Got paid by Swom yesterday

Swom calculated the commissions yesterday so all the Gold members got paid. I decided to hold my commissions in my Swom account until December. I figure that it would be nice to use for Christmas shopping :) You can withdraw your commissions monthly, but I am waiting and will withdraw it in December. See you over at Swom, where you can advertise your business and earn money!
Click here if you are not a member of the Swom community, join free today.


  1. Hi Dawn! I like your blog! I'm a mom at home, but still exploring the possibilities of earning too! I've just moved from Hawaii to Iowa due to hubby's job. Will definitely follow your blog. please visit my site too:-)

  2. What is Swam? What type of program is it?

  3. hey dawn, i want to join ask2link under you. have you already earned at ask2link?


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