Sunday, November 7, 2010

Something you should know about CashGopher

I have been seeing CashGopher all over the Internet lately so I decided to give it a try.  It is by MyLot which is a reputable company so I figured it could be a good opportunity to try.  I personally did not like it but it is by MyLot so I am sure it is not a scam.  You have to install software on your computer and as you visit websites the software pops up advertisements.  It may open up another website or pop an ad on the bottom of your screen.  It actually is annoying for me.  It may work for some but not for me.  I was on one of my social sites and I couldn't even hold a conversation.  In the middle of typing, the computer was trying to load something else.  It opens a new window behind the window you have open but it still interferes.  Just to let you know before trying it.  I tried it last night and uninstalled the software this morning.
I am not labeling CashGopher as a scam, I am sure it is legitimate.  MyLot is a real legitimate company, I am a member of their community.  Just wanted to share my experience with CashGopher and it wasn't for me.


  1. I agree with you here. Mylot is great, but cashgopher has left me wanting more.

  2. MyLot is quite the interesting community so you would think that any other project that they produce would be nothing short of awesome!

  3. I was just wondering if maybe you could disable the software when you want, and then enable again.

  4. It may be possible Tammy, but I wasn't really impressed with it enough. I am sure there are people who do like it tho but it to me was annoying :)
    Have a great day!


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