Saturday, December 4, 2010

Important About Paybox, Please Read

I would like to apologize to everybody.  A couple months ago I had talked about a company that was still in prelaunch and appeared to be a good opportunity.  I did mention in my post about them that they were in prelaunch and that I did not know much about them, so I did not give it the legit recommendation.  I only shared it as it seemed good and did not require any real personal information and it was completely free.  It also only took about 2 minutes a day so I it would not waste my readers valuable time.  Even tho I did emphasize that I did not know much about them and that they would not be paying anything until they launch, I still feel it is necessary to remove the company from my blog and to post a public apology.  The company's name is PayBox.  I have heard through a business connection and friend at my favorite business social network, Swom, that Paybox has had a copyright infringement.  I do not know the full real details at this time but Swom is a great community and the one who told me about it is a sincere friend.  Because I cannot verify that they are completely legit and paying out, I have removed them from my blog.  Once I find out more details and if I find out that there are no problems and that they completely legit, then I will continue to update my readers here.

My blog has always talked about legit companies, please do not think that I won't stand behind the other companies here.  I do test the programs here.  PayBox was different and I did state that in the post.   I apologize for the mistake I made on this company.  The good news is, they do not ask valuable information and there is absolutely no fee so the only thing lost is valuable time.  If there was a fee to join they would never have made it to my blog without me personally receiving payment from them.
Thank you for your understanding and hopefully forgiveness, I wish you a successful day :)

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