Friday, December 31, 2010

Is 2011 Your Year to Succeed?

I have set a goal for myself for 2011.  My goal is to help more people succeed in 2011 then I did in 2010. I have been working at home for about 5 years (maybe a little longer) and helping others succeed for the past 3 years.  When I first started out online, I was by myself.  I had no sponsor by my side, I signed up for a few opportunities and was left in the cold.  I did a lot of learning, I did get scammed and I did not see success right away.  I almost gave up completely as I was quite frustrated.  Well I am glad I did not give up :)  So with my knowledge of working online, I decided in 2007 to make it my goal to help people succeed.  I don't want people signing up for everything new out there and being left behind as I did.  I have always answered my emails to my readers with any questions they may have, no matter what the question is.  
The main reason people fail at working online is lack of knowledge, which goes along with lack of support from their sponsor.  
Now I have my goal set for the New Year, who wants to succeed this year? I am not saying you will be making 10,000 a month by the end of the year (maybe but probably not that quick) but you will be on your way to that amount.  I really can't guarantee how much exactly you will make, but that if you put work into you will start earning an income.  This income is a nice residual income that will keep increasing as you work on it.  It won't be some quick payouts and then done.  How much you make will be up to you, how much work you put in.  The company I have really been impressed with the most in my whole time of earning online is Wela.  How would you like to join me there? I am starting our own team to help each other succeed.  My new blog was created so everybody can ask questions and learn from each other.  I have created groups on my social sites and I will be creating a Facebook page.  I have big plans this year and would be happy if you join us.  Take your free tour of the company and the product here:  You will be glad you did!
I wish you a successful New Year :)

The new blog for Wela is


  1. Yes! The year 2011 is for me! I'm planning to open my new online business next month and as of now, even though I'm not opening it,more of my followers of my blog want to order and purchase! : )

  2. Hi! I was having fun reading your blogs. I hope year 2011 is my year to reach my goal in life. I was so inspired reading your blog. Thanks for this.Its totally a great tips!


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