Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blogging is the Best Marketing Tool

One of the best ways to market a business is through blogging.  I currently run 8 different blogs, only 2 of them are actually for business.  The others are hobbies, but they too are making money.  I can't emphasize enough how important a blog is! I used to help people set up their blogs and show them different ways to get traffic to them.  I taught how to market products on their blogs.  Recently I have been just recommending a wonderful product that I am excited to share with everybody.  It has more information in it then I have been able to provide to people as the creator has been blogging for money longer then I have been.  I got the recent copy that was just released last month and was really impressed with it! I am not just trying to get a sale here, I make more money helping people set their own blogs up.  I know when to admit that there is better knowledge out there, and Rob Benwell is a guy that has more experience then me.  He is amazing with how he puts together a blog and really starts making money with it.  He shares the information so others can create successful blogs and begin to make money quickly.  It is recommended for beginners and even advanced bloggers.  You will learn a lot about blogging and will be able to work at home.  Using his techniques cut my work time down considerably and also got one of my blogs on the first page of Google! I still help people set their blogs up when they need me too but I prefer to save their money and recommend this for them.  He shows you how to start getting quality free traffic without working hours to do it.  It can be done spending about an hour a day.  Learn about different types of blogs and how to make a profit from each kind of blog.  So much more!

I have talked about this in a previous post here on my blog but I can't emphasize enough how great it is! It really will save you money between advertising and the time it takes to start your own blog from scratch.


  1. Hmmm, You are very right blogging is best tool for Website Optimization thats really a good and informative blog post..

  2. Hi! I think your blog is well-written and substantive in content. Two thing struck me though, which, if I may, need your help with.

    First: How can you maintain eight blogs? How often do you update each? How do you make money out of them?

    Second: You mentioned that you used to help others develop their blogs. I hope you are still in the mood as I really would love you to help me with mine. It is at and my biggest challenge right now is to drive more traffic into it.

    I hope you can help me with the above.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

  3. Very Informative,I'm bookmarking this.

  4. Hi Joseph,
    I do have 8 blogs, they are not all to make money tho.
    I have a personal, a photo blog, one about kids, another for starting a business, my work at home blog, a cooking blog and a one about gardening on your deck. I also have another for investing in stocks but that hasn't been updated lately. What a variety huh?
    It is hard some days to keep up with posting, my personal ones don't always get updated as often as I would like to. All of my blogs are about things that interest me so it is easier to manage them. I am always there to help my readers, any questions you may email me through my profile.
    I hope you have a wonderful day :)


  6. Hi Reggie,

    Sure I will help you, I am always here for my readers. Blogging is a wonderful tool!

  7. What is there you need help about? is very user-friendly. But if you opt for a paid WordPress. things can be complicated in you are not html savvy. Suggest you seek help from a guy who knows html to make your blog really attractive.

  8. I certainly agree that if you want your business to progress then blogging is one way of having it. I could never imagine life without this, pretty dull.

  9. That’s right! In order to draw people’s attention, you have to make posts that really catch their interest. And, blogging is one way of making this thing to happen. Keep blogging and keep more people from having interest in you.

  10. I have a few blogs myself. This one is to benefit people looking to work at home, another is set up for my business members and I try to keep people interested at least by providing useful advice! My other blogs are not so much business and I can do other things to keep people interested on them.

  11. Talking about Web Optimization, blogging is the basic needs to achieved this thing. I am fascinated after reading this post.


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