Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Easiest Income, No Referring Required

A good friend of mine introduced me to another wonderful company.  I am still working my Wela business (and very happy with it!) but this new company really doesn't require work if you don't have time.  The first time she introduced it to me, I said no as I like to take the time to dedicate myself to helping my Wela members succeed and was worried that I would not have the time for the new business.  I thought about it and decided to talk to her about it a couple weeks later.  I asked her if it takes a lot of time and effort, she knows that I have been helping many people build a successful business with Wela.  She told me no, not at all.  Now if I didn't know her very well and how honest she is, I probably would have been a little unsure.  But knowing I can trust her, I said sure I will sign up and upgrade to gold!  This is really an excellent company! Of course if you refer people, you will make this much faster.  You get rewards every week based on your balance and how much the company earns through various affiliate sales, that is how you get paid.  As a gold member, you also get access to some very valuable training resources.  But it gets better!

Not good at referring but want to make money quicker? No problem! We have a team that is working hard (I mean they are really working hard) to build downlines for the members of the team.  They are committed to getting everybody who joins the team, at least 3 paying referrals.  I know the team founders and they are really great people.  They will do what it takes to help you! What do you think, do you have the money to invest in your future? You can get more information from the team and from the company, this is legit.  The company shares it's revenue with the members.
For information about the team: Team TLT  
You will be glad you did! It really is the easiest income.

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