Monday, February 14, 2011

Proof of Payment

Here was my most recent check from Project Payday.  I have not taken any pictures in the past of any of my checks I receive from companies, more or less for security and privacy reasons. This is from a week that I really did not do any promoting, they pay you for leads whether the lead signs up or not.  That is what this was from for a week.  There are many ways to earn, but sending them visitors is one of the many.  Some things they teach you to do, you get paid independently via paypal (and usually instantly.)  Payments you receive from sending them leads are mailed out on Fridays the week after earning.  Just like a regular paycheck.  I have loved this site since I started in 2007.  A reader requested proof of payment so I took a picture of the check I received in the mail today.

The more effort you put in here, the more you will make.  I have honestly been busy with other business so I did not make as much this time.
Go here if you are interested:
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