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Fear of Failure Prevents Success

If I had to choose the number one reason for failing it would be fear of failure.  It sounds funny I know but it is so true.  Think about it for a moment tho.  What is the main reason you do not start a business that has been proven to be successful...yup probably out of fear that you will not succeed and you will lose your money.  Am I right? Fear of failure prevents you from trying something that has been proven to be a successful company.

I wrote an article on another blog called "If Given the Chance of a Successful Business, Would You Take It?" The answer for some people would be no right away.  Why? You guessed it fear of failing at it.  People worry (and yes I understand that) that they will not be able to see the success and that they completely wasted their money.  Now before I continue, I am NOT trying to get you to sign up for every business opportunity out there. Yes, that would be a waste of money! However, if you are given the opportunity to a business that has great potential and the business is a success for some members, it is worth checking it out and giving it your all.

What happens if you have a strong fear of failing (or you may look at it as wasting your money)? You end up passing up the opportunity that is presented to you.  When you don't try the business what happens? Absolutely nothing.  Yes, absolutely nothing.  That means that you do not technically fail at it but you also certainly can't succeed at something you do not try.  You may have passed up your chance to make a nice income.

What do you need to do about it? Put the fear behind and be willing to take a little risk.  Now when you first start out, try taking only a little risk.  Once you have built up a nice income you can take on more of a risk if you choose.  Stop telling yourself that you can't make money like the marketing pros.  Don't even think about "what will happen if I don't succeed."  Every single person has the power to succeed in life, every last one of us.  Success does not pick who will be successful, we decide if we will be successful.

When putting fear behind you (again do not even think about failing-not even for a minute), you are free to make a great business decision.  Make sure you research first tho, I do not want you to get caught up in a scam.  Look at a company like Wela, they have a high in demand product-the Slimberry product (you can find out how popular it is here), they have free weekly training, a wonderful compensation plan and for people who are new to marketing they have packages where you can purchase guaranteed tour takers.  Tho the guaranteed tour takers are not required, it does help people who are new to marketing.  It jumpstarts your business to help you start the road to success.  And another important thing to research is your sponsor.  Say for Wela, your sponsor would be me, I am easy to find and always available to anybody who has questions or needs my help.  There are many ways to find me from my blogs, emailing me, social networks and so much more.  This is important to be able to get ahold of your sponsor.  If you cannot contact the sponsor of an opportunity, I would not be comfortable working with them.  Now this was an example, as much as I enjoy helping people succeed and I absolutely love Wela and the Slimberry product, the business may not be for everyone.  I understand that, I just get all excited about it as they have proven to me that they are great! I have been with them since November 2010 and use the product everyday myself.  You can use this same concept when checking into any company you choose to start a business with.

Please for yourself, put fear of failure behind so you can start your path to success.  Of course it will take work, but with the right attitude, some hard work and the help from your sponsor there is absolutely nothing stopping you from succeeding.  Failure is not an option so do not think about it!

I wish everybody the best of success.

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