Friday, May 6, 2011

A Quick Blogging Tip

I visit a lot of blogs in a week.  I am always searching for blogs to follow and to read.  There are many great blogs out there on the Internet.  One thing that I have noticed with some new bloggers tho is that they use more banners then they do words.  It is one thing if you put banners on the sidebar but I would try not to make a bunch of blog posts that are made up of just banners.  I am not trying to be mean, just helpful.  If you post a banner in your blog post, try to write about the company and add the banner to the information you wrote about the company.  I also recommend that you use a separate blog post for each of the companies.  An example of how I recommend writing the post is here: this is a post I did with a banner.  People sometimes get turned away from your site if it is all banners.  People also like to see your opinion or view on the company that you are discussing.
Again, I am not being mean.  Please know that I only try to help people out.  I hope you have a successful day!

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  1. Nice article, I would love your advise on my blog


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