Sunday, May 15, 2011

You Have to Have a Plan

When you work from home, you can get very distracted.  I recommend sometimes stepping away from the computer and taking some quiet time to do some thinking.  I brainstorm at least once a week and it helps keep me on task, otherwise I do not get done things that I like to get done.  How I do it is on laundry day, I bring a notepad and a pen down into the basement with me.  I hang out there while the laundry is in the machine.  I think about any articles I want to write and I write it down with details so I remember the important things to add.  I write down the title, why I am writing the article and what details I would like my readers to learn when reading the article.

I have also done this with my Wela business plans.  I think about how many people I would like to help build their business and how I am going to achieve this.  Details about how I will manage my blog that was designed to help the team get written down in part of the business plan.  Any plans I need to accomplish my goals get written down while I am brainstorming.

It is very important to take the time out to think in a quiet, non distracting place, away from the computer.  You will be able to clearly see what you may have been missing before (too many distractions online) and then you will be able to push forward and start your path to success.  Try to brainstorm at least once a week and write down the weeks goals and then the plans that will accomplish this.  You will see a big difference!
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