Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Want You to Succeed

I want everybody to succeed.  I enjoy watching others succeed, it means a lot to me.  Building a team for my Wela members has been a wonderful adventure.  There have been many great people that I have worked with since I started the team, everybody has been a pleasure to work with.

There has been many things that I was doing for everybody and I was thinking of new ways to help.  I decided to help people with the advertising.  I have been sharing cost effective ways for people to market their business, ways they can even do it for free and yet I still wanted to do more.  When I say that I started to help people advertise, I mean that I am also running ads for them.  Working with people and having me run ads with them has helped them to grow their business a little faster.  I started offering this to all new members that join with me and are in need of my help.  Some people choose not to have me advertise as they are seasoned marketers and other people ask me to help as they are new to marketing.

If you would like to be a part of our team and have me help you to advertise your link to get your business growing faster, we welcome you! This has been a wonderful business and I have found it to have a pay plan that is designed to help put money into your pocket fast! See what you think about the company, our businesses are growing rapidly and this is a hot business! Would you like us to help you succeed? Join us today and we will get you started! I have written a blog post on Dawn's Wela blog with our newest member's website and it is in the related articles below if you would like to support her and join us with her.

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