Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Failing at MLM?

MLM (multi-level marketing) can sound really great when they promise all these riches! The companies usually tell you of people that are making 6 figures a year.  They make it sound like it is so easy, do almost nothing and you too will be earning this money.  This is enough to make you want to jump in and start right? Especially if you are new to working at home! That sounds like a dream come true.  But then you start the business right away all excited and find it quite hard to make money at it.  You then get discouraged and give up with the business and think MLM is nothing more then a bad word.

Does this sound like something that has happened to you? It is ok to admit it, it has happened to many.  Yes it happened to me when I first started to work at home.  As a matter of fact, it spoiled me so much that I didn't want to try another MLM company until a friend of mine shared Wela with me in November 2010.  It is the first MLM company I felt comfortable with trying in about 4 years.  You will notice that there are no other MLM's on my blogs, that is how unhappy I was with the idea.  I did various other work at home things in the 4 years.  So do not feel bad admitting if this happened to you.  Many other people have a tainted image of MLM too.

It does turn out tho, MLM is the best way to earn income unless you have your own product.  When you have a legit company and a sponsor who is there to help you, you really can earn a nice income.  Thing that is great with MLM is that not only to you earn off of your efforts but you also earn off of your team's efforts.

Here are some of the reason's why people fail and this is what to avoid so you can start a successful MLM business:

Picking a shady company Sometimes we just can't resist the company that promises instant riches.  Avoid them! There is no instant riches, no such thing.  You have to work for it and it will not happen overnight no matter what company you join unless you have a contact list in the thousands. 

Picking the company that "does all the work"  Think about that for a minute, if they tell you that you do not have to do anything to earn any income why did they have you join? Pretty much just to get your money.  You will have to work your business.  Most MLM's do have automated systems which take care of a lot of your business, but you will have to work.

Joining under somebody that never helps  This is one of the biggest problems, I cannot emphasize this enough!! You cannot join under somebody who is not there for you.  You just can't! Make sure before you upgrade that you can get ahold of your sponsor.  I have had people upgrade immediately but fortunately, I am a sponsor who helps the whole team.  You need to have contact with your sponsor.

Expecting the work to be done  This goes along with Picking the company that does all the work but many people think that just signing up and paying a monthly fee is all they have to do.  You should be expecting to do the work not waiting for it to be done.  The company will not do the work, trust me.

Not working as a team  This is a huge mistake! People sometimes just worry about promoting their link and getting sign-ups.  That is not the way to do it.  You need to be in contact with all members and future members.  Work with them, show them how you market, offer to advertise for them.  Make sure that you are there for your members in anyway they need you to be there.  No excuses.  Make sure to make the time to help all members build.

These are a couple mistakes that people make when working in a MLM company.  They are the biggest mistakes you can make and will cost you your business! Remember, teamwork is the key.  If your members' businesses grow, this will help yours grow.  You earn off of your efforts and your team's efforts!

Please note that I no longer promote Wela for reasons of my own.  They did pay me tho and I am not going to say they are a scam, because they are not a scam.  Do your own research, this post is about MLM in general and not recommending any sites in particular.

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