Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Are in Path With Hurricane Irene

My family and I are in a direct path for Hurricane Irene.   I am not expecting to be evacuated and hoping it is not too bad here.  But we really do not know, the whole state is in a bunch of warnings.  We are prepared here and we should be good but I wanted my readers and Wela members to know that the potential is there for me to not be online for a little bit of time if things do get bad here.  If you contact me and do not hear from me right away, please be patient.  It may be that I am without power or have been evacuated.  Just so everybody knows that there is a possibility that I may not be available for a short time. 

It did start to rain here a couple of hours ago but so far that is all we have had.  Hurricane Irene is still south of us at the moment tho.

I hope everybody stays safe!  I wrote an article about some things we have done to prepare-How We Are Preparing For Hurricane Irene

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