Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Are in Path With Hurricane Irene

My family and I are in a direct path for Hurricane Irene.   I am not expecting to be evacuated and hoping it is not too bad here.  But we really do not know, the whole state is in a bunch of warnings.  We are prepared here and we should be good but I wanted my readers and Wela members to know that the potential is there for me to not be online for a little bit of time if things do get bad here.  If you contact me and do not hear from me right away, please be patient.  It may be that I am without power or have been evacuated.  Just so everybody knows that there is a possibility that I may not be available for a short time. 

It did start to rain here a couple of hours ago but so far that is all we have had.  Hurricane Irene is still south of us at the moment tho.

I hope everybody stays safe!  I wrote an article about some things we have done to prepare-How We Are Preparing For Hurricane Irene

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  1. Hey Dawn, hope you and your family are ok? Too many with damage and without power. How are you all fairing through this? Hopefully well. Our thoughts and prayers are with those of you affected by Irene

  2. Hi Michelle and Hi Melissa,

    We are doing good here thank you! It was a lot of rain and we did see a bit of rain but we were more fortunate then others. There were many towns in NJ that were left under water. Our Delaware River was originally forecast to crest almost 10 feet over flood stage but instead it crest about 3 feet above flood. It has big banks and can handle the water. I posted pictures of the river on my photo blog-
    There were surrounding areas that got hit bad, we had major highways that ended up with huge holes in them (287 was actually missing a big section) and a lot of trees down.
    The family is ok tho! We only really had some minor leaking by the back door.
    Thank you for the concern,
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)


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