Saturday, September 10, 2011

Picking the Right Work at Home Business

Are you thinking about working at home but you currently you are not? If you are thinking about it, there can be a lot of information online.  Some information is good and some is bad, there is a mix of everything online.  Of course everybody wants you to join their business so they are going to tell you that theirs is the best.  Well, they can't all be the best! Some opportunities are very profitable and some are scams.  How do you decide what opportunity to go with?

First thing you need to do if you are thinking about working at home is to decide what interests you.  Seriously, this is very important! Think about it, if you are interested in say animals and somebody hands you a job selling computers, you may not be interested enough to succeed.  Tho it is possible you can get into it and gain a new interest, if you are not interested you will not be happy with your job choice.  If you are not happy, you will not have motivation to push to success.  Do you see how important this is?  I first started out trying various opportunities and I wasted money and time.  Then I started thinking about my interests and things started going a lot better!

Once you think about your interests, you can search online for opportunities or ideas based around your interests.  There is a lot that can be done online from home.  When you find something or an opportunity you want to succeed with, search more about it.  Do not just jump into an opportunity just because your interests match.  Check out more about the opportunity.  Check to see if it is legit, see what exactly you have to do to earn money, how much it will cost to start and any other details you would like to know.

My example: (This is after trying many things and then finally sitting down to think about interests)
My interests are: writing, helping others, gardening, photos, working at home and health.
Helping others I have been doing since 2007, writing I started in 2007 when I started this blog and then branched out with other blogs and articles, gardening and photos-I have blogs about these, working at home I am doing, and health is what my Wela business is.  Wela gives the opportunity to work at home and it is a health opportunity.  They also carry an all natural weight loss supplement (good for overall health and no diet pills) which is in high demand.  Do you see why I picked the things that I picked to work at home?  Not saying Wela is for everybody, I find them to be wonderful but I know it is not going to be everybody's interest.

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