Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Legitimate Online Work From Home

I  have been on the lookout for new ways for my readers to earn an income with online work.  Ok, I am always on the lookout but I have been searching lately.  I found a couple of sites recently.  My newest one is called oDesk.  I know a few people who have been able to secure legit online work there and they are able to do this work at home.

oDesk is a site with real employers looking to hire people for various projects.  You register (completely free, absolutely no charges) and fill out your contractor profile.  When you are applying for online work on oDesk, you will be a contractor.  Meaning if you are in the US, you will most likely be using a 1099 form for your taxes.  The cool part about finding online work here on oDesk, besides the registration is free, is that you will be guaranteed payment if you are hired by any of the employers.  Sometimes that is something we worry about when trying to find legitimate online work from home.  oDesk handles the billing to the employer and you set the amount you would like to make an hour.  I wouldn't recommended charging too high of an hourly rate tho, you need to be competitive with other contractors when applying for jobs.

I am not any kind of affiliate of oDesk, I signed up to be a contractor but have no other affiliation and do not receive any kind of compensation for recommending them.  If you are serious about finding online work you can do at home, I highly recommend you check them out!
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