Thursday, November 17, 2011

Google+ is a Powerful Tool, Are You In?

Do you have a Google account yet? If you do but have not tried out Google+ yet, I recommend you trying it.  It is a wonderful way to share with friends and also business associates.  You can also connect with new potential business clients as well.

I started my Google+ account a couple of months ago and was not sure how it was going to work at first.  I have had a Google account for years, I love Google.  There are so many wonderful tools they offer to people whether it is for business or personal use.  It is also free to use many of their services.  For a website and business owner, Google is really a powerful account to have.  Now they have Google+ which is their version of Facebook.  That is how I view it anyway only I think it is better on a business level then Facebook.  This is my personal opinion between the two.  Another powerful tool they offer us, and even better-it is free to use.  You create a profile and invite people to be a part of your circle.  You will also meet many new people while you are there.

Along with a personal profile, Dawn's Work at Home also has a business page on Google+ - Dawn's Work at Home on Google+.  You can be added to our circles which will keep you up to date with us.  You can also share us with friends and recommend us using the +1 feature.  I think this will really be a big and powerful tool!

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  1. Hey, Dawn I totally agree that Google is a very profitable sight I my self will be trying become part of Ad sense I could use your advice on my blog.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    It looks like you have a good start with writing. I would add some things on your sidebar. I think you should also add a profile with some information about you or your company so readers can get to know who you are. In your blogger profile you should add a way for readers to contact you. I wish you the best of success!


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