Saturday, November 19, 2011

Making Mistakes in Business

We all make mistakes, it is part of being human.  Nobody is perfect, not one of us (tho some may claim to be.)  I have been seeing a lot of people that are new to business making some of the same mistakes that I made in the beginning and I am sure some of them are common.  When you are first starting out online, you hear and read so many things and you may not think about the mistakes you are making.  Part of this is that you may not realize it is a mistake, you may not realize what online etiquette is or any other mistakes you make.  
The important part about making mistakes is that we learn from them.  Some mistakes are quite costly and some are simple little mistakes-this goes for business and life.  As long as we learn from our mistakes and from mistakes from others, we can move forward.  I have been thinking about a weekly post to add to Dawn's Work at Home Blog and this will be it for now.  I am sure I will add another weekly post in the near future.
I am going to post a business mistake a week that I made throughout my online adventures.  I am going to discuss why it was a mistake and why people should not do it.  I have made many mistakes in business and in life.  If I cover the business mistakes here, hopefully I can help people from making the same mistakes as I have.    I think I will call it Wednesday's Business Mistakes and post a mistake every Wednesday.  The name may change by Wednesday when I start doing it but this will be the plan-post a new mistake on Wednesdays.  Sometimes I may see somebody else's mistake and post it.  No worries, I will not post anybody's name or site in the mistake.  I am not doing this to publicly humiliate anybody just to raise awareness of some business mistakes made.

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