Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Questions About Blogging?

I have been doing some thinking lately (it has been known to happen sometimes.)  I have been asked many questions about blogging throughout my blogging history.  I always enjoy helping people with the many questions we have.  I have a plan that I would like to work on in the very near future and it would be great if I could get our readers to help with it! It is really simple, I just need you to email me any questions you may have about blogging, getting traffic, starting a blog or anything you may have a question with.  Sound simple?

I have a lot of thinking and planning at the moment so I am not going to post the juicy details yet on my blog.  I will answer your questions right away and will let you know some of the details while answering.  I think this could be a great project but if it turns out not to be the best plan I have had, at least I am still helping my readers by answering their questions! Any questions you may have would be great.  Just email them to dawn@dawnswela.com.  This is not the same email as the contact email through my profile but I will be able to keep it a little more organized this way.

Have a successful week everybody!
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