Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Believing the "Gurus"

I have made many mistakes along my path.  Both online business and personal mistakes.  We all make mistakes and there are some that I did not learn from as quickly as others, but I always try to learn from my mistakes.  It is important in an online business to learn from mistakes as you will make them-trust me! I am hoping that Wednesday's Online Business Mistakes will help you to learn from some of my mistakes.

This week my mistake in discussion is believing in too many "gurus."  It is easy to believe them when they talk about all the money they made and you see their name all over the Internet.  Before I knew much about affiliate marketing, I used to believe in too many of them after seeing their names all over the Internet.  I thought that many people trusted them and that they were well known for their online business.  I found out later that they had the better sales pitch.  These gurus had a lot of people pushing their product because they were just getting a commission from your sale.  I know this sounds pretty basic to people who have been involved in an online business for quite some time, but it is not basic for people looking to work at home.  

There are all sorts of "gurus" out there too.  Many will tell you that after buying their product that you will earn a ton of money.  They will tell you that it is so easy to wake up in the morning and have money in your bank account.  Truth is, many of these "gurus" made their money because they have good affiliates getting them sales of the products that they are selling you.  There are a lot of decent ebooks out there, some valuable information to learn from too.  There is also a lot of junk that just earns them money.  I had spent a bunch of money on various opportunities from various "gurus" who claim I would make money and well,  most of it ended up being a waste of my money.  There are some excellent online business opportunities out there but make sure you do not waste the money on the ones claiming you will be rich online overnight.  Do not invest in ones that will make you money without work.  Start a real legitimate business instead of buying all this stuff with false claims.

If you have an online business, I am not saying here that you shouldn't invest in good products that can help your business grow.  I encourage you to invest in your online business so it will grow.  I just recommend to you not to believe everything that you read online no matter how many times you see their name across the Internet.  Chances are, the person reviewing the product is getting a commission for you buying it.  Just do your homework and investigate a little before buying anything.  You don't want to waste a lot of money on this stuff.  It is money that would be better spent growing your online business legitimately.  

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