Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Setting Goals

I was going to do another topic today but one of my readers had reminded me of goals.  It is something that people underestimate and they are very important to your business if you want to succeed-whether you have a business online or offline.

In the beginning I read a couple of articles talking about goals.  I didn't take it seriously, I didn't realize the importance.  I just figured that in my mind I knew what I wanted and was going to work at it.  I never set up real goals when I first started working online.  I knew I wanted to make enough money to support my family-that is where I left it at.  This did not do any good to my online working adventures!! People had told me that I needed to set my goals and make a business plan to achieve my goals.  I  still didn't take them seriously.  Again I thought to myself-I know what my goal is and I just want to make money online and support my family.

That thinking got me nowhere.  Sure I had made a little money online at that time but nothing significant or even worth saying I was making it.  Finally I read another article really detailing the importance of goals and how to set goals.  This time since I was not seeing any success yet and it seemed like I just wasn't going to be the one making money online, I decided that maybe I should take it seriously.  I did set goals, detailed goals.  Not just in my mind that I wanted to make money.  I wrote down details such as how much I wanted to earn in a certain amount of time.  I wrote down how many visitors I wanted my blog to get each day in the beginning and how I would like this to increase.  I wrote down the many details of exactly how much and how I was going to do this.  My business plans were easy to write down after doing the details of my goals.

Trust me when I say that setting goals is probably the most important step you will take for your online or offline business.  You do need to keep it reasonable tho.  Make sure the amounts you set forth are achievable.  In other words, do not write down in the beginning that you want to make a million dollars in the first month.  This will only get you discouraged when you get yourself hyped up and find you are not able to make the million in the first month.  Whatever your goals are-they can be certain number of visitors, certain amount of money and so much more- make sure you write them down and look at then often.  Make sure your business plans match your goals!
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