Monday, November 14, 2011

Work at Home Online Businesses Need Organization

PostitImage via WikipediaI said it and I am trying to remember to practice this one myself! Let me repeat work at home businesses need organization.  Ok, I feel a little better.  Now if I can practice what I am saying, I would make my life much easier.  But then again, this post may not have come out if I was great at it myself!

I was planning on writing my new ebook and also had plans for my other blogs.  My online work at home blog plans are written in one spot which is good at least! My online work at home business plans are scattered in a few places.  I wrote some of my notes on various things.  This makes it very difficult to gather it all and also very difficult to remember some of the things I wanted to do.  My biggest problem is that I have sticky notes for my computer, sticky notes for my smartphone and also too many paper notebooks.  You see where this is going right? You guessed it, not being organized! I have no excuse really, I teach others how to be organized with their online business and I always tell people an important thing about work at home is to be organized.  I know how to do it but find myself not practicing it.

A day planner is a good way to keep things organized.  You can keep your numbers, dates, notes and things to do all in one place.  I do recommend you writing down any ideas as they come to you even if you are not by your day planner.  Make sure you transfer your notes to your planner.  When you work at home online, it can be easy to get cluttered and overwhelmed.  I know, trust me! I have been there.  Take the time to organize your work at home online business plans.  Make sure all contacts are organized, contacts can be organized through your email.  Now you do not have to use a day planner, but make sure to keep your plans, contacts and notes in an organized manner.  Your work at home online business is counting on you to do so!  You know the funny thing is tho, when I am helping people build their business I keep the plans organized.  I think I take for granted that I have been working at home online for quite some time now and think that I can be a little more relaxed with my own plans.

I share my mistakes with others in hopes that you will learn from my mistakes.  It is human nature to make mistakes and it is actually good to make mistakes as long as we learn from them!
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