Monday, December 12, 2011

Earning Money Writing Online at Home

I have been writing online for various places for a while now.  It is a very rewarding job, you can work online and you are in control of your hours and your income.  It can be a little harder to control your earnings tho.  Being you work online at home and not driving to a place that you punch in for 8 hours, it is easy to get distracted and get laid back.  I know as it has happened to me, at least with my writing.  I have been busy with business, blogging and family but to be honest-I have had more time then what I have used to write articles lately.

I read a great article today that I thought everybody who enjoy.  It was the motivation to kick me in the rear and get me back into writing more articles for some of the directories.  I haven't slacked off completely, it is more of a break I think from the article directories.  I have still been writing paid articles for my readers who request them.  The article is If You Aren't Earning at Least $20 an Hour Writing, You Should Be.  This is not a sales article, nothing to buy just a great article to read!

Now that I had my little honest reality check, I need to get back to writing! Have a wonderful day
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