Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-New Year's Resolutions

With 2012 coming up in a couple days, I thought that New Year's resolutions would be a good topic for our Wednesday's Online Business Mistake.  This is something that many of us are guilty of but not all of us like to admit to it (I know from experience-I didn't always want to admit to it.)  New Year's resolutions are not a requirement for your online business but they can help you get yourself on track to a new financial future. 

I have made many New Year's resolutions, not all are about my online business.  Some are personal and some are business.  When you choose to make a New Year's resolution (whether it be for online business or for personal), you should do what you have the power to in order to keep it.  Look at it as a promise to yourself and we discussed the importance of keeping promises.  It is just as important to keep your promises to yourself as it is to keep promises to others.  

Now if you make a New Year's resolution, make it something that is not impossible.  Don't set yourself up to fail at it, you will become discouraged.  In other words, don't tell yourself that your resolution is to be a billionaire by the end of the year.  First off, this is vague with no details how you would do it.  Second off, if it was that easy to be a billionaire there would be more billionaires out there.  Make it something simple such as: In 2012 I will create goals and track them each week.  I will do (fill in the blanks) to make sure that I earn more money in 2012 then I did in 2011.  My New Year's resolution is to finish all projects I started in 2011.  I got into many things in 2011 and did get quite side tracked.  I started a few projects that I believe will be valuable.  One of my resolutions is to see them through to the finish.  I also have a New Year's resolution for my blogs: spend more time on blogging-researching and writing more posts.  Taking more pictures for my photo blog and writing down more recipes that I create for my cooking blog.  This year I will stick to my resolution.  Too many times in the past I have broken my resolutions but not this year! It has hurt me and discouraged me the times I broke them.  

What is your New Year's resolution? Telling people your resolution ensures you will do more to achieve and keep it.  It is harder to break a promise that others know about!
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