Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Organization Skills

It is Wednesday again! So that means we have another topic that I have made mistakes with.  The topic for today is organization.  I know I have talked about it before but it is a big mistake I have made and is very important so it deserves another mention!

Organization is something that some people do naturally and others really have to work at it.  I am one who really has to work at it.  I like to have a clean house and a clean car, I even like to have a clean work space.  Unfortunately clean is not organized in my case.  I used to have sticky notes all over and notes in several different notebooks.  I even have different papers throughout many different folders in the filing cabinet.  Papers that should be grouped together were in different folders.  Can you see a problem with this?

If you have your papers scattered in various places, you will forget at least one thing.  Probably more then one but I can safely say that you will miss at least one.  Organization is very important to your business.  If you keep everything together that should be together, it will all be there and ready for you.  This sounds very basic to many of the lucky people who are naturally organized.  But to somebody like me, I need to constantly remind myself to put things with the other files.  It really is easier (at the moment) to just drop it in any folder and say you will deal with it later but seriously, your business can't afford to have no organization.  I am getting better now, it took a lot of reminding in the beginning!

Organizing is something that you will need to do in a manner that works best for you.  Just make sure that you do organize, without organization your business will suffer.  Hopefully this is a good reminder for anybody who is like me-don't just throw it in any old folder, and don't put a bunch of notes in various spots for the same topic!

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