Monday, December 5, 2011

Why No Comments on Your Blog?

Do you allow comments on your blog? I have been reading some great blogs lately but have noticed many blogs that do not have comments enabled.  It is a shame really, I like to leave comments for the blog owner if their post was interesting or if I have something to add.  Comments on blogs also give you communication between the author and the reader.  Comments can be very important!

Some people I think do it as they are worried about spam comments or they have already received too many spam comments.  Put comment moderation on if spam comments are a problem.  Seriously, your readers should always be allowed to leave you comments.  Interaction will keep your readers interested and they will also know you appreciate them reading when you answer them.

I had to put the comment moderation on as too many people were spamming me with their links, but I check comments usually once a day (sometimes less but usually more) and I approve ones that are not clearly spam.  I like to hear good and bad feedback from my readers.  I do not expect everybody to agree with me and I do not know everything.  Many times readers offer me valuable insight and knowledge.  There are times my readers have questions and just a comment about my blog.  There are also times that people point out something I may have done wrong or that they do not agree with.  All of these comments help us grow and I appreciate them all! If you are one who doesn't have comments enabled on your blog, you are missing out on some wonderful interactions with readers.

Thank you everybody who reads Dawn's Work at Home Blog.  Thank you to all our readers who share your opinions, knowledge and everything else with us! You guys and gals are great and really have helped me to learn a lot along the way of my blogging adventures.

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