Monday, January 2, 2012

A Fresh New Year-Get Rid of the Bad Ideas

With the beginning of the 2012 here, we need to think about what worked and what didn't work in 2011.  Now is a good time to get rid of ideas that didn't work.  We all get ideas and some are great while some are not so great (it happens to us all.)  As I go back through the year of 2011, I look at all the ideas I had- all of the marketing ideas I tried for business.
Dust off the ones you tried, liked but forgot to go back to.  If you tried and liked it but forgot about it, try it again! Sometimes you get into something that looks great but you get into so many other things that you forget to go back.  That happened to me last year-with a couple sites!
The sites you use all the time and are happy with, of course we will continue to use them.  Look at the ideas and sites that you may have tried and they did absolutely nothing and don't show you much potential.  If it looks like something that just isn't or won't work for you, don't use it anymore.  If it hasn't worked but shows potential, try to use it a little differently and see if you can get it to work!

Just go through all your ideas and all of your marketing efforts.  Get rid of things that show no potential and push more on the ones that are working or showing potential.  I know this sounds obvious, but sometimes we get involved in other things and forget to go back to things that really work.  I found myself doing this over 2011 and I have been reminded lately of good sites I used to use but somehow got busy and away from them.

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  1. It is a good reminder, sometimes we get caught up in the same ol, same ol and don't notice what we are wasting our time on!
    Janet :)

  2. Hi Janet,

    I have been guilty of this one a few times! I may have to do another post similar for my Wednesday's Business Mistakes. You get so used to doing something that you don't realize it is not as productive or you find something good but then get distracted by other things. It has got the best of me a couple times :)

  3. happy new year to you my friend.. keep in touch always..


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