Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Won the Daily Contest at RedGage

I talked about RedGage in a couple of posts back.  You can earn a little extra money uploading your pictures and sharing your useful links.  It is a fun site with a nice community and it is completely free to join.
I have been there a week now and got an email earlier that stated: Congratulations you are the daily contest winner! Nice.
They have a daily contest where the winner wins $25.  It is a nice little bonus from a site that is so easy to use, free to use and is fun to share pictures with! I love this site.
Would you like to earn a little extra money uploading your pictures and also gaining back links to your useful blog posts and articles? Come join me for free here:  Maybe you will be the next daily winner! If you like to take pictures, I recommend them especially if you are not a professional.  There are other sites that you can sell your pictures on but I honestly do not know many of them as I am a photographer by hobby not professional.  You do not actually sell your pictures here, you upload them and earn money based on page views.  It is not a site to get rich on but you can have a lot of fun and earn a little extra easy cash.  

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