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Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Too Many Distractions

It is Wednesday again? Yes, I guess it is.  Time for another Wednesday's Online Business Mistake.  Today we will talk about distractions.  I know I have talked briefly about them in the past, but they are too common! I still get distracted easily here but I am able to recover from distractions much easier now then I did in the beginning.

When you have an online business, many times you are running this business from your home.  Working at home is wonderful but you can be distracted much easier.  There are some things that are beyond your control (such as family issues) but there are also things that draw your attention away from work and then you forget what you were doing.  How many times have you been working your online business at home and you see something (whether you find it in a magazine or during your research) that catches your eye.  You want to look up more about it online, even tho it has nothing to do with your online business.  This is ok for break time, but it can be distracting if you look it up while you are working.  

There are many examples of distractions when working at home with your online business.  I used to think that "this is my online business and I work at home so I can do what I want for now.  I will get back to work later."  Not a good idea!! It is too easy to think that because you work at home or because it is your online business (you have no boss beside yourself) that you can step away from work to look at this or to do that.  If you are in the middle of working but decide "hey, I am going to do something else and get back to work later," guess what? You will probably forget what you were doing before you stopped working or you will not end up finishing the great ideas that you had (whichever you were working on at the moment.)  I know, I have done this.  I have got distracted while doing research about business in the beginning.  A few times it ended with me getting involved in scams or me finding something else and completely forgetting what I was doing.  I have had this happen too many times and now when I am in the middle of doing something, I will wait until I am at a "break point" to stop.  

Of course I still get uncontrolled distractions (school nurse calling for example), but I recover better from them then I did when I allowed myself to get distracted too easily with "controllable distractions."  One great example of a controllable distraction would be Facebook.  This can be a big distraction unless you are marketing on Facebook at the time.  Don't get me wrong, Facebook can be fun and yes I like to play my Farmville but it has to be on a break time!

There are many distractions that you will encounter, try to make sure you do not get distracted in the middle of your work.  Remember to set a break time so that you can do all of your fun online stuff when you are taking a break or done for the day.  I like to set an amount of things I am going to accomplish before allowing myself to take my break-at least that is how I do it now! Wish I did it that way in the past.
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