Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Communicating With Blog Readers

It is Wednesday again! Time for another online business mistake.  This is a little later in the day then I usually post, it has been a crazy couple of days.  Today I am going to discuss communicating with your blog readers.  I have done similar posts in the past, but it is a mistake I have made in the past.

I have always answered people's emails when they email me.  I wasn't always the best at responding to comments.  In the beginning, I didn't really think about people actually leaving me comments let alone responding to them.  I didn't know what a blog was when I started Dawn's Work at Home Blog.  I always respect my readers and I have always appreciated them, but I didn't really think to respond to comments on my blog consistently.  This is important!! I also found it harder to respond to all before I had moderation enabled.  With so many posts on my blog, sometimes people would leave a comment on an old post and I wouldn't see it.  Now I make sure that I see them.

You have to look at blog comments as a form of a conversation.  It is true that some people will forget to come back to see if you respond, but many times people will notice when you respond.  This may start a conversation with your readers.  It is nice to say thank you or hi, I appreciate your reading and commenting.  When you get blog comments (besides spam which I delete), you should always respond to them.

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