Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Customer and Reader Feedback

Happy Wednesday! Hope everybody is having a wonderful week.  I have a simple topic this week for our Wednesday's Online Business Mistake.  I would like to talk about feedback.  Yes this is very important and I know I took feedback the wrong way when I first started.  This can be for business, blogging, working online or just about anybody.

Feedback is when the customer or reader leaves you their opinions.  I get a lot of people leaving me their opinions.  Many people leave nice opinions, some people leave their opinions that do not agree with me, and some people leave nasty opinions.  I used to take the nasty opinions way too harsh.  Learning that you can't always please everybody, but to try to please the majority, will help you succeed with your online business or any business.

When I say nasty opinions, let me be clear, I am not talking about people who do not agree with me.  We all have opinions and it would be boring if we all agreed.  So when I say nasty I mean that they would be downright mean to me.  I do not let them bother now tho.

On the other hand, when you are working online or offline with your business, you should take all feedback into some consideration.  Some people have opinions that are really awesome ideas that would really help you in your work at home adventures! Some opinions may not help, but are honest opinions whether you agree or not.  Now I always value all feedback from my readers.  If it is too negative (as in nasty) it will be deleted, I won't tolerate any disrespect toward me or anybody else.  But most often you guys and gals all leave me helpful comments and emails.  At least they are friendly, and I do take all feedback into consideration.  I do not take nasty feedback personally anymore.

Just remember that while working at home or running any business, you will see good, bad and ugly feedback.  Don't let anybody get to you personally and please do consider everybody's feedback.  You never know, they may give you the best advice to take your business further.  Feedback can also help you get to know your readers and customers needs, wants and likes!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Being an Expert

Happy Wednesday everybody! In today's Wednesday's Online Business Mistake, I am going to talk about a mistake that I know many people make when first starting out.  It is about being an expert.  Sure we all want to be an expert at something, but expert is a term being used to often now when you read about working online.

Many people claim to be an Internet Marketing Expert or a Social Media Expert, but to be an expert it takes time and skill.  You will also see many people who claim to be an expert on working online or business.  Some people claim this just to sound like the expert you should pay or buy from.  This is a shame, but it is so true.

To be an expert, you need to have experience.  You cannot decide one day to start working online and push a business by claiming you are an expert in your field or business.  You need to learn a lot about it.  You also need to be in the business for a while with some real experience.  I thought I was an expert at one time a while back.  I didn't brag to everybody or do it to try to make a sale, but I thought I was enough of an expert to say I was.  Truth is, after working online for 6 years now, I am not an expert.

I can give a lot of advice, I have a lot of experience to share, but I do not consider myself an expert anymore.  There is still more to do and more to learn as the Internet changes everyday.  I am not selling myself short here, I know a lot and have experienced a lot.  I have experienced enough to write books about working online, but I do not have as much experience as some.

If you want to reach expert, study what there is to know about your business or niche.  If working online is what you would like to be an expert at, make sure you do it for quite some time before saying you are an expert.  Make sure you learn all you can and test this knowledge out.  Of course you should grow your skills and jump into what you are dreaming of doing, but don't use the "expert" label until you have mastered the skills.

When you say you are an expert, people will hold you to it if they believe you when you say you are.  They will expect you to know exactly what you are talking about and know exactly how to help them.  This will be your reputation that will be affected if you let your customers down when they believe in you.

Push to be an expert, but do not use the title until you know the ins and outs of your business.
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Too Many Commitments

Happy Wednesday! It is time for another Wednesday's Online Business Mistake.  Today is a good day to discuss too many promises.  I was thinking about what to talk about today and I was having a hard time as I have covered many mistakes that people often make.  As I was thinking, I was trying to remember what happened in the beginning that prevented me from getting too much accomplished.

Then it hit me, too many promises or too many commitments! If you promise too many things to too many people, chances are you will be overwhelmed.  When you are overwhelmed, you may not get anything done.  Sounds funny that committing to that many things can cause you do get nothing done, doesn't it? It seems like you should be able to accomplish at least one thing, right? That usually is not the case.

It is good to be able to mult-task and it is good to have a couple projects at once.  Just do not overdo it.  These commitments can be anything from too many work at home opportunities to promising too many customers you will do something personally for them all at once.

I did this in the beginning.  It ended up being a disaster as my head was spinning and I didn't get to finish what I wanted to finish.  It is easy to get excited when people need your help.  I am always here to help my readers, but I had taken on too many other projects for them all at once.  What I should have done is scheduled them into a schedule and let them know that I have several projects and that I am going to schedule a day to work on it with them or for them.  Instead I got caught up in it all and took it all on at once.  This is when I helped with blog set-up and tutoring too.  I have learned that tutoring takes more time then I was expecting and I no longer offer paid tutoring.  I do answer questions people have, but I do not have the personal tutoring I used to do.

Yes all the projects got done, but not as quickly as I had hoped for.  A couple of people did wait a little longer then I expected.  This could have been prevented if I would have just explained to them that I had many projects and I was going to schedule them.  I think I was too worried about disappointing anybody that I felt I had to finish them all as quickly as possible.

This is a thing of the past now tho.  For my services - I stick mostly to helping people finding work at home jobs, writing articles for clients and also sharing knowledge with people about work at home jobs and running an online business.  Sure I have other things I personally do for fun and I do test many opportunities to post here so my readers have legitimate online jobs, but when it comes to services-I do not offer as many as I did in the past.

Try not to overdo yourself, don't take on too many opportunities or jobs at once.  Don't make too many promises all at once without scheduling them.  Trust me, your clients and customers will thank you!


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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Balance Work and Family

Happy Wednesday! It is time for another Wednesday's Online Business Mistake.  I have been so busy this last week that I almost forgot today was Wednesday.  It is a good thing to be busy really, just made the time fly by.  Today I would like to talk about balancing work and family.  This is very important!

Working online or running an online business can occupy a lot of your time.  I know, I used to really bust my bottom end online (still do but not as bad.)  It can take a lot of time away from the family.  This happens to many people, especially in the beginning when they are first starting to work online.

We know that you need to put a lot of time in, I am not going to tell you that you don't.  You just have to make sure to stick to a schedule and add family time to your schedule.  I know if you are new to working online, you are probably thinking there is no way that people would put the computer before family.  It does happen and I have done it, not intentionally tho.  You lose track of time while doing what you can to make the business run smooth.  I always fed them, don't get me wrong.  I have never neglected family, but I used to spend way too much time working on the computer.

Taking a break with the family and going on a walk or even on a day trip can be quite fun and relaxing for all.  It may help you after all! You can be refreshed when you return to work and you will have had a nice quality day with the family.

Don't let working online or starting your own business ruin your family.  It can happen easily, too easily.  Make a schedule of time each day that you will spend just having fun with the kids.  Not including cooking dinner, actual fun family time.  Do this each day and you will keep your family as a healthy happy family.  Make sure that you do not spend all of your waking time online, your family will thank you!

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