Monday, June 4, 2012

Making Money With Your Blog

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Blogging is a fun way to earn extra money, share your ideas and interact with other people.  Many people are into blogging now and some are making a full time income (and even more) with their blogs.  There are many ways to do it and many people have different ways to earn from it.  This also depends on your niche.

One great way to earn some extra income from your blog is with BlogFrog.  This is a great way to create a community on your blog, interact with people and meet new people.  This is especially great if you are a Mom Blogger.  There are many people on BlogFrog, not only moms - but there are more moms then anybody there.  If you are a work at home mom or a Mom Blogger, you can interact with many other moms and get advice or offer advice.  You can also have a general chat about whatever you like!

Now you don't have to be a mom or a Mom Blogger to join or experience this.  It is perfect for the work at home moms tho or anybody who is looking to earn extra income from their blogs.  It is free to join and it is not a get rich quick kind of thing.  You create a community and get paid for so many pageviews to your community.  This community can be embedded onto your blog so people can stay on your blog to chat here.

I don't have a community for Dawn's Work at Home, but I do have one on my Mom Blog - Daily Adventures of a Work at Home Mom.  We have a lot of fun discussing various topics, sometimes about life and sometimes about blogging.  It is a great place to connect advertisers with bloggers! I love it there and I am sure if you are a blogger that you will too.

There are no strings attached.  I am a member there and have a community there on my blog, but I am not actually affiliated with them.  I do not earn any commissions for recommending them.  My community is located here: Daily Adventures of a Work at Home Mom, it will give you an idea of the kind of community you will be building.  Stop in and say hello, ask questions and share advice! Just please no spam in the community or it will be removed.

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  1. My blog lacked one thing, interaction with other bloggers. I read your article and definitely decided to join Blog Frog. Thanks!

  2. Great! It is a wonderful site to add interaction and meet other bloggers. I just started another community for Dawn's Work at Home Blog. I originally only had one for my daily life blog.


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