Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hackers Get Login Details for Over 400,000 Yahoo Users

Have you been a writer for Associated Content? They were a great site to write for but then Yahoo bought it and it became Yahoo! Voices.  I have not written much there since the purchase.  The big problem right now and I am sure that you got an email about it, but hackers were able to get over 400,000 users email address and password details.  Once Yahoo took over Associated Content, they made you use your Yahoo email to login so you may have already changed your Yahoo login information, but it is recommended that you change passwords to any site that used your Associated Content email address to login.  There is a good chance that your email and password information were hacked.  If you see an email from Yahoo! Voices, that is probably what it is about.

I actually got emails from Twitter, LinkedIn and a few other sites that they disabled my account and I had to change my password before I could login.  I think that was quite cool of them how quickly this all happened.  Of course it did worry me when in less then 8 hours I got emails from 4 sites telling me that I could have been involved in a phishing scam and my account was locked until I changed my password! Yes I was a bit concerned at that time, I thought I was hacked into even tho my passwords were not the same for each site.

I thank the people at these sites like Twitter, Amazon, and LinkedIn that disabled my account as soon as the email addresses were released! Sure it was a pain, but it saved me from a bigger headache.  Google also gave out a warning to App owners if your address was linked to one of your domains.  I am glad these sites reached out as quickly as they did, great job guys and gals!

According to Yahoo! Voices, it was login information from when it was still Associated Content and according to them most of these login details are outdated.  That is the most of what I know at this time.

Keep your information safe.  Now of course in this case there was nothing we could have done, the hackers claim that it was easy to get in and get this information from Yahoo.  But go change your passwords to the sites that are important.  You may have already been locked out of some of your accounts, but change your passwords for any site that has similar login details just to be safe.

When changing your password, make it something hard to figure out.  According to a report on Forbes there were many passwords that were weak and easy to guess from that list.  Don't use 1234 or something common.  I also wouldn't recommend using something out of the dictionary and never use personal information as your password.  Don't use anything that somehow somebody could find out about you for a password. Change it up with a mix of numbers, letters and other characters.

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  1. That is a scary thought. Never dealt with Associated Content. I did have Yahoo, Gmail and FaceBook account hacked last year. I had to change all of my passwords... Lesson learned, no more identical passwords on every site. It is now a PIA to remember them all but my accounts are safer.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Michele,

    It is a pain in the butt, but it is worth the extra protection of having different passwords. I have to say that Twitter and Amazon were great, they reset my password quickly. I didn't even use the same password for them.


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