Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Staree is a Great Place to Share Photos and Earn Some Money Online

Have you heard of Staree yet? It is a really cool idea from IZEA for people to earn a little extra money from sharing their pictures with their social media fans.  It is a bit different from other "paid per view" picture sites, in my opinion it is a lot cooler!

There are many stars on Staree and it is now open to the public as well.  You can copyright your photos as you upload them and share them with Facebook and Twitter.  At the moment Staree has a review process to join, you submit an application and they review it before letting you know if you are able to join.  It took me a few weeks to hear back so they must be getting pretty popular!

This is an exciting new way to earn money online from your pictures and get more interaction from your social media fans.  It is completely free to join and there is no referral link here.  I am not being compensated for sharing this awesome new site with you.

If you are interested in joining Mario Lopez (Staree Ambassador), several stars and also some other cool people - like me haha - you can fill out an application here at Staree.com.  After getting your confirmation that you are accepted, you too can start to earn money online and have some fun!

I just finished my profile recently and plan on uploading many more pictures, but my profile there is: http://staree.com/dawnconklin/ hope to see you there!
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