Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Keeping on Track of Business

In the beginning of my online business adventures, I didn't even think goals were important let alone know how to stay on track with them.  I did discuss goals and their importance in the beginning of my Wednesday's Online Business Mistake postings.  However, making goals is only half of the battle.  You need to make sure you stay on track with those goals! What good are goals if they are only going to get set aside on the shelf?

In order to stay on track with your online business goals, you need to first make sure you view them weekly.  This is at the very least! It is too easy to set them aside and not look at them or think that you will get back to them.  One of the best things you can do to make sure you stay on task is make a list of things that you need to do each week.  From that list, make a schedule so you fit all of this into your week-make sure you make this a doable schedule.  Now as you are working your own online business working at home, it is easy to get too laid back from your schedule.  I used to do this.  If I had something else that I would like to do, I would do it instead of staying on task.  If there was research that I wanted to do, I took way too much time to do it and my schedule fell behind.  It is too easy to fall behind on your schedule when you are working at home with your own online business.  It is too easy to think: well, it is my online business or yeah I work at home so I can do it later.  No you can't.  Not recommended, it will become a habit of putting things off!

I recommend that you make your list and make sure that you finish a certain amount of things before rewarding yourself and doing something fun.  For example, if I finish what I needed to accomplish before taking a fun break, then I can go out for a little while and do what it is I wanted to do.  You are now rewarding yourself for getting so much work done instead of putting off your work for something fun.  I know how easy it is to get off track and I make sure that I do what I need to do with my online business before I go do fun things.  Of course some things such as kids activities get put right into my schedule from the beginning.  But anytime I want to do something for a day or so, I make sure to accomplish things I need to.

Trust me, it really is too easy to put things on the back burner when you work at home with your own online business! Don't let it happen to you.  Sure you work at home with your own hours, you do need to accomplish things by maintaining a schedule.  Sure it is your own online business and you are not working for a boss, all the more reason to want to push to succeed!

Too many times I have put stuff off, please learn from my mistakes! I know this post sounds like a broken record but it really is important and worth being repeated.

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