Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Work at Home Online-Don't Forget Breaktime

I have some days more then others that I put in many hours of work online.  Yesterday and today were days of more hours of online work then off! I often have to remind myself on these days, yes it is a good thing to take a break.
It is easy to get caught up in what you are doing and figure you will just keep working until it is all done.  Sometimes tho, your body needs to be away from the online work (or even just be away from the online part) for a few.  You are more productive if you give yourself some time to do something else not online work related.  Yesterday I didn't take much of a break and phew I wore my mind out.  Today, I jumped right into work and kept going.  Started to feel like I was having a hard time concentrating and was starting to feel tired.
I then remembered that I pushed myself yesterday and now started to today as well! It was then I shut down for an hour (I already had my oatmeal for breakfast) and went for a nice long and fast paced walk.  Not that I was in a hurry to get back but sometimes a nice fast paced walk in the brisk air with the sun shining on you is enough to refresh you.  It was nice to see and say hi to people I know along the way.  It is also good to get up and exercise too.

Just a friendly reminder to allow your body and mind to take breaks from online work.  I know I need to remind myself from time to time.  It does some wonders! Ok, now I must get back to work.

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