Monday, March 5, 2012

Adding a Work at Home Job Board

I am thinking of adding a work at home job board to Dawn's Work at Home Blog.  This will be for legitimate jobs only.  I will review each submission before charging for the spot on the board and before posting them. I want to make sure my readers are looking at a real position and not a scam.  I will not be able to guarantee your pay, but I will make sure it is not just a "get rich quick" scam.  I wish I could guarantee your pay, but I can only do my best to see that it is not a scam website that is listed.  I may in the future add a classified section, but at this moment I am thinking of the job board first.

My goal is to help people who are looking to work at home with people who are looking for somebody to do the work.  Examples of things I will accept on the board if I do start this in the upcoming weeks are: writing positions-if you are looking for somebody to write articles for you or blog posts, blogging positions-if you are looking for somebody to run or post to a blog for you, social media management- if you are looking for somebody to run your social media for your company (or just help manage it), or really anything that is legitimate.  I am not looking for anybody posting about get rich schemes.

What are your thoughts on this? Should I add a job board page to Dawn's Work at Home Blog, would you use it? I think it would add a nice addition for work at home job seekers to meet with their next potential client or employer.  If you think that it would be a great idea and you think that you would post a job or you think you would browse the jobs in search of an online job, let me know in the comments here.  I am looking to start it soon to try to get people the jobs they would like.

This will probably be mostly contract work but there may be some that are hourly.  Most of the time online in these positions, you are a freelancer which would make your work more or less on a contract.  I am a freelancer and love it! I actually like the writing and freelancing better (I have been freelancing longer) then the business with Wela.  Wela is great but I enjoy the writing and the freelance more.
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