Working Online Can Be Exciting

Knowing that you will be your own boss can be wonderful but scary too.

Sometimes it is Nice to Get Help From Others

I don't want to see people start out by themselves in the big world of online marketing. Working as a team brings results.

Together We Can Be Successful

Online marketing is overwhelming for many, but as a team we can build with our ideas put together. Following what has been proven to work for others.

Success Can Be Yours

You have to work for it and it won't come overnight, but success can be yours if you really want it!

Let Me Help You

Join my team and we can build together. I will help you succeed.

Welcome to Dawn's Work at Home Blog.

Hello and welcome to my blog! I have been online for over 10 years now. During these years I have seen a lot of scams that have taken a lot of money from many people. I started this blog back in 2007 to help prevent people from falling for these scams. A lot of good people lose a lot of money with the promises of instant riches. I want you to know that unless you win the lottery or something similar, there is no such thing as instant riches. You have to work for it but you can find success online when you work to achieve it. It will never be instant so please never believe in such claims.

I share different opportunities and tips. Tho most of what I share is free, it should be assumed that I am an affiliate meaning that I may be compensated in some way. I will only ever share legitmate tips, advertising and companies that I have experience with but please note that I may be compensated if you join with me.

Monday, March 19, 2012

About the Work at Home Job Postings

Dawn's Work at Home Blog has now added the work at home jobs board.  I just added it today, if you are looking for a job keep looking back for postings as I just opened it up.  If you are looking to fill a work at home position, you can email me at with job posting in the subject.

I have thought about how I was going to do this so it was best for everybody.  I don't want scams posted for various reasons.  I want people to have a legitimate opportunity and also if scams get posted it takes away value from the legitimate ones.  In order for this to work for everybody, we need to keep them legit.  The one way I can do this is to have employers and people looking for freelancers to email me with your job listing.  I will read about it and make sure that it is not a get rich scheme.  I will then get back to you and if accepted, it will be posted.

Any work at home or telecommuting job that is a legitimate job will be accepted whether you are looking for a freelancer or to hire somebody with your company.  When emailing me, include the description that you want displayed and how to apply.  Please try to include the pay unless you are requesting them to give you their rates to work with them.  As much information as needed for a job seeker.  Thank you!

For job seekers, it is always free.
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