Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday's Online Business Mistake-Social Media

Happy Wednesday! It is time for another Wednesday Online Business Mistake again.  Today we will talk about social media.  I am not an expert with using it in marketing, but I have realized the mistakes I have made.  I have a profile at many different sites and it is honestly too many sites to focus on at once.  Not one of my profiles is built up the way it should be to benefit me.

While it is good to have a profile set up at various sites, you should also make sure you do not focus on building too many of them at one time unless you have help.  Hiring somebody to work on just your social media would be a good idea if you want them all built up with a big following.

I joined a bunch, set up profiles and kept bouncing around working on all of them.  The only problem is, I didn't really get to build any one of them up.  I didn't take the time to focus on maybe 2 at a time and get that built up and then move on to the next couple.  I just jumped right in full force thinking the more I joined the better I was.  But look at it now, sure I have a profile at all of these sites but nothing really going on.  I still have not fixed this problem but I am going to do this one site, maybe 2 at a time starting this week.  Now that I recognized what I did wrong.

If you cannot hire somebody to help you, focus your efforts in no more then 2 and build up from there.  There is no harm in having a profile in all the sites (there are a lot besides Facebook and Twitter), but just make sure you build each one up or you will not see the benefit of using social media to market your business.

I know many of you probably know this one already, but I only recently realized why I was having such a hard time building up my profiles.
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