Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sites I Used to Make Money at Home Working Online

There are many things that I do to make money at home.  Some involve freelance, blogging and paid to post in forums.  This post is going to feature the easy ones that have paid me to work online.  Most of them are free and I am affiliated with most of them, not all tho.  By being affiliated, I may earn a percentage of your earnings-this does not affect how much you earn.  

I will explain how I make money and for each one so you know what you need to do with any of the sites you would like to work with.  These are not jobs with an employer, you are an independent contractor who will get paid for work you do.  All of the sites here have paid me and I will tell you how you should expect to receive payment from them.  They are legitimate working online positions.  Any questions you have for me about these opportunities, email me at


The first one is called Postloop, it is completely free-no upgrades or hidden fees.  They have paid me 5 times so far in the month of March so far the payments from here total up to $62.81.  You get paid for posting in forums-you get paid for each post you make in a subscribed forum.

 When you sign up, you have to subscribe to Postloop's forum and post 10 quality posts.  You will then have a review done based on the quality of these posts.  Must have good English and good grammar is a plus.  Try to write at least a couple sentences in each post.  Once you get a rating, you can come back and subscribe to various forums and start earning for your posts.  You will not get rich with this, but you can earn extra income and it is pretty easy and fun to do this.  I am affiliated with this site and if you sign up with me, I will earn 20% of the points you earn.  This will not affect your earnings and you will earn the same if you refer.  The above earnings I posted does not include referrals.  This was without referrals.

Payments are through Paypal.  You need to have at least 100 points ($5) in your account and you can request payout.  The money has been in my account within 6 hours from my request.  You can request any time you have at least $5.  They say to allow up to 24 hours for them to review and send payment but I never waited that long.  Check it out to get paid to post in forums, this is the only site I use like this.  


This is a social site and is a little different, completely free to join and no strings attached.  It is fun and you can play in fun games such as word bingo, picture contests, open discussions and more.  You earn by winning points (they make it fair for participants) and you also earn for referring.  They have quite a few ways to earn points here and it does not take a lot of time each day.  The payout is $25 (50,000 tickbucks) and it is through Paypal.  They have had many cheaters here so payout can take up to 15 days to process once you request it.  They do pay and I have been paid 5 times from them as well.  Not all during March, but over a few months.  It is not a get rich at home job, but it is fun and you can earn here.  I am affiliated and earn $1 for everybody who joins with me.  You can earn more then I do, I am not as active as I could be.
Check it out to get paid to be social


Wela has paid me, they are a legit business.  I am not promoting them at this time, they no longer offer tour takers for now.  I believe it is hard for people to build a business without being able to purchase tour takers to boost business.  They are legit tho and pay on Fridays for commissions you earned.  You can get direct deposit, a prepaid credit card or check.  I listed them here since they have paid me.

Project Payday

This is a site that has had controversy with people.  I am not sure why to be honest, I have always got paid from them when they owed me commissions.  That is why they are listed here.  Project Payday shows you different ways to earn money and then you get paid from the other sites and people that they teach you to use.  Project Payday does pay you commissions for leads.  I have been a member here since 2007 and have always received payout on time.  They pay by check which gets mailed out on Fridays.  You must have $30 owed to you in order to receive your check the next week.  Just to be clear, they personally only pay you for leads but teach you other ways to earn money.  I am affiliated with them and earn $2 every time somebody enters their email address for more information.  They don't spam, I can't remember the last time I got an email from them but over a year ago.  They are listed here since I do get paid by them.
Check out ProjectPayday for more information.


Iwriter is a site that you get paid to write articles for clients.  I have not done a lot there since the pay per article is not that great.  They are legit and I have been paid by them.  You can get paid by Paypal every Tuesday, once a month or I think every 2 weeks.  I opted for Tuesday and Tuesday morning the money was in my Paypal account before I woke up.  I am not actually affiliated and will not earn anything for you joining.  Tho they are low pay, you can earn quickly and receive quick payout.  Visit Iwriter for more information.


Here is another site that you get paid to write articles for clients.  This one requires you to submit a writing sample to receive a rating before you can write for the clients.  It is a good site to earn some extra money.  It is isn't a high paying site per article, but they are legit and you get paid weekly.  You request payout on Thursday night by midnight (as long as you have $10 or more in account) and your money will be in Paypal account Friday-except for holidays.  I am not actually affiliated here either.  I will not earn anything for you joining and earning.
Check out Textbroker for more information.

Yahoo Voices

Here is another site to get paid to write articles, only they go on your profile and not for clients.  I haven't written here in almost 2 years, but I am receiving residual income from them.  They used to be called Associated Content before Yahoo.  There are 2 ways to get paid here.  You can write an article eligible for upfront payments which I believe are now between $2 and $15.  You also earn residual on your articles based on pageviews.  I am not as active there now, but I am still getting paid from residuals.  You get paid by Paypal.  Articles for upfront payment can take up to 10 days to review and they will notify you of their decision.  Residuals get paid monthly with a minimum of $1.50.  They automatically pay you residuals, you do not need to request cashout.   I am affiliated with them and I believe that I earn a little bit of a percentage from your earnings (I am not positive how the referrals work.)  Check out Yahoo Voices to write articles today! 

There are other great sites that allow you to make money at home working online also.  These are the sites that I have been paid by recently and a couple of them for a long time now.  I have never had a problem getting paid from any of the above sites.  They are all free except Wela.  Project Payday was free when I joined in 2007, however it has been a long time and I am not sure if this has changed.

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