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Sites I Used to Make Money at Home Working Online

There are many things that I do to make money at home.  Some involve freelance, blogging and paid to post in forums.  This post is going to feature the easy ones that have paid me to work online.  Most of them are free and I am affiliated with most of them, not all tho.  By being affiliated, I may earn a percentage of your earnings-this does not affect how much you earn.  
I will explain how I make money and for each one so you know what you need to do with any of the sites you would like to work with.  These are not jobs with an employer, you are an independent contractor who will get paid for work you do.  All of the sites here have paid me and I will tell you how you should expect to receive payment from them.  They are legitimate working online positions.  Any questions you have for me about these opportunities, email me at
The first one is called Postloop, it is completely free-no upgrades or hidden fees.  They have paid me 5 times so far in the mo…